"After the first time I entered one of Erik's classes, I felt that I stepped into a whole new world. Aching with lower back pain that had been relieved but not remedied by physical therapists,river view640 chiropractors and previous yoga classes, I was anticipating more of the same. After a couple of months of regularly attending Unified Body Method classes, I am astounded by the changes I have experienced. Not only has my lower back pain disappeared, I have gained confidence to move in ways in which, previously, I've been limited. Erik meets each person at the level of their immediate need, gently guiding, teaching and correcting according to individual capacity. The comforting and serene atmosphere created by both Cheri and Erik within the studio, is a natural extension of the calming river setting. This experience has been nothing short of a gift." –Karen, Mequon


"I am a triathlete who had been getting sports related imbalances on a regular basis. Unified Body Method, under the expert and compassionate guidance of Erik Knuth, has taught me toerikw-students2 release muscle tightness and regain muscle control. Unified Body Method Therapy is as helpful if not better than any experience I have had with a physical therapist or chiropractor. I participate in yoga class 4 days per week which I have never done in any other yoga class. I also look forward to being greeted by Cheri Knuth who balances the positive energy equation."–J.G., Mequon

"Unified Body Wellness Institute - a sacred place for me to be quiet, to be safe and to explore healing in my body, with my body whether it be Yoga or Reiki. Cheri and Erik bring love, nurturing and a sincere love and compassion to each person. I continually feel as if my body and soul are being uniquely nourished  - as my body and soul needs, longs for." --Cathy Gawlik

"Over the last 20 years I've experienced many forms of yoga with many good and committed teachers but nothing has been as profound and life-enhancing as the Unified Body Method. It is the most essential, subtle, peaceful and powerful practice one can imagine. UBM connects me to witnessing my own truth and my authentic self. It has given me a regular practice to which I can fully commit and a spiritual community in which to grow, laugh and learn. This is truly integrated yoga; it's yoga with feeling the whole being."--Lisa Sattell


"Body work has been challenging for me-- it breaks me open and brings me to the feet of my soul. Getting there I go through the feelings, blocks and pain that I have held. My body hurts with new and old hurts and it takes me great patience to trust the Yoga. I look for ways to say it is not working for me or to decide it really is not what source had in mind for my healing. Needless to say I have avoided exercise or movement for a long time. With that said-- I found that this was the first Yoga class where I felt I wanted to come back when the class was over. I do not have a conscious memory of when my shoulders "knew" neutral. WOW." —DZ, Thiensville

Unified Body Wellness Institute has provided me with an awareness of living in the present moment.  Being a client, as well as a student of Reiki, I am so thankful and blessed to have a positive and peaceful experience, encouraging positive thoughts, and meeting many wonderful people along the way.  I have also enjoyed the other opportunities, which only makes me a better person to help others, on their individual path of peace.—T.M., Port Washington


"As someone who has practiced yoga for over 10 years and is a certified instructor as well, I can say easily that both Unified Body Wellness Institute and its owners have changed not onlyrelease relax class640my practice but my relationship to practice. It is here that I have learned again one of the true meanings of yoga, to unite. Here, one feels the visceral experience of movement within the body, deep connection to its bones, its sinews, its muscles and with this increased sense of feeling, one realizes the holiness of the body and the spirit it encases...that one cannot know the expanse of spirit without knowing the body and moving both into practice. For anyone prepared to look at themselves deeply, to open their practice to the light within, this is the place to learn, to grow and come into their place, their space and take that out into the world to make the changes so necessary for growth." –T.S., Cedarburg

"I have seen Erik for one on one therapy for various concerns; migraines, lower back, hip issues and shoulder problems, I respect his knowledge of anatomy, posture, movement and his intuitiveness.  For me this understanding and knowledge has translated into his ability to significantly reduce my pain on both a physical and suble level with lasting results.  In addition he has given my tools/movements to use at home and in my work environment so that I can maintain my own level of balance in my daily life.  I have noticed my overall posture change with the combination of doing regular Unified Body Method and his one on one therapy sessions.  He's my therapist of choice." -S. R., Whitefish Bay