Reiki Training

Earn Continuing Education Credits with our Reiki classes!

Whether you have the desire to offer healing energy to others, or just understand the importance of healing yourself, Reiki Training can offer a useful tool on your journey to well-being.reiki circle Reiki is a holistic healing art for stress reduction, relaxation, spiritual growth, and mental/physical/emotional healing. It is a method of amplifying our inner healing light, which nourishes every aspect of our being.  The practice of Reiki is a hands-on, gentle technique that requires no prior bodywork knowledge.  We offer ongoing Reiki level I, II, III and Master Teacher classes at Unified Body Wellness Institute. Each class is 6 to 8 hours long, and a certificate of completion is acquired after each level taken.  Click here to see upcoming Reiki classes and other UBWI events.


Reiki I  Learn about and experience Reiki energy while studying the chakra centers of the body and the energy field that surrounds each of us. Work with Reiki as you learn basic hand placements for self-treatment and working on others. Reiki begins with the clearing of your energy field through an attunement which activates the healing energy within. You will receive a certificate after completing this level. 
Fee: $135

Reiki II  Increase your connection and awareness of Reiki energy as you learn and are attuned to the first 3 Reiki symbols. This class will help your intuition and vibration become stronger. Practice giving and receiving Reiki treatments as you strengthen and build on what you have learned in level l. You will receive a certificate after completing this level. 
Pre-requisite: Reiki I  
Fee: $155

Reiki III  With the addition of learning the 2 Master symbols, you will feel your connection to this loving energy become even stronger.  Upon completion of this class you will have attained the level of “Reiki Master,”  making you eligible to continue your training toward becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.  Receive your Master Reiki certificate after completing this level. 
Pre-requisite: Reiki Il  
Fee: $175

Reiki Master Teacher  In the Reiki Master Teacher class, you will learn how to attune others to Reiki energy using all of the symbols you have learned along with one new symbol. You will also learn a healing attunement which can be used on anyone. This class can be taken individually or can be included in the complete teachers internship which requires you to assist and be supervised giving attunements in Reiki classes held by Cheri Knuth for a minimum of 20 hours.  
Pre-requisite: Reiki I, Il & III   
Fee for one-day class: $185/Full Internship $335


The Instructor, Cheri Knuth, is taught in the traditional Usui lineage and has been teaching Reiki for the past 6 years.

May love and healing guide you to your truth.---cheri