Public Outreach

Community Outreach

The Unified Body Wellness Institute will also collaborate with other exempt organizations to provide charitable outreach and programming to the community.

The Unified Body Wellness Institute currently works with the Veterans Hospital to provide military veterans with a restorative yoga series to provide participants with awareness education and breathing techniques.  The program is provided at no cost to military veterans.

We are currently developing additional free programming targeting specific body work and wellness strategies for other community members in need. 

Not-For-Profit organizations seeking wellness strategies are welcome to contact us for more information. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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UBWell 5 Class-Pass Donations


african-american-woman-standingsmall-natureLet our practice be the limb of hope to others...


100% of all donations to this program of any amount will go toward purchasing UBWI Daily Class Passes for those who cannot otherwise afford them.  We are excited to annouce that we are extending these passes to the community through Dr. Gary Lewis and his qualifying clients. A special thanks to all of our UBWI students that have generously donated. Donation box is in the front lobby of our studio in Thiensville and will be on-going.
GIVE HOPE to everyone seeking personal enrichment within a healing community!